Doing the Right Thing: TypePad Has Guts

After outages affected TypePad users, the CEO let's them pick how many days of free service they get for their incovenience. There's a whole school of business thought that says "but wait, what if they all select the maximum amount? We will miss $$$ worth of revenues." But I'm with Typepad, believing that they just sent a message to their customers saying we trust you and we care about your blogging experience, and that it will pay off in the long run. It never hurts to build good business karma.

  • Rob, I think you are right about typepad. Thier policy fits with the equity theory of compensation — people have a sense of the value of their time — and will work (or not work) accordingly.

    People pick thier own worth: They will also pick thier own returns.

    This would make a terrific case study. Keep us informed on your take on events.


  • Amen to this post! You know, I am the type of customer that will bend over backwards to treat nice a company that treats me nice. But on th eYang side of things, I picked up a resentment against Yahoo and I will hang onto it, until I get treated the way I need to be treated. With respect. You know it would not hurt them to come back to me and say, well mr. such and such, we see you have not spent a penny on us, so…(and what they are saying to themselves is…”so we ain’t doing Sh..for you bud!) Little do they know they are shooting themselves in tghe foot bad, and it is gonna bleed!