Doing the Right Thing

Here are some good examples of companies doing the right thing. Personally, I think it usually pays off financially in the long-term.

Baxter's commitment to corporate values cost Kraemer, his leadership team, and the company a lot of money in 2001. But even when a commitment to values comes at great immediate cost—not only to management but to a firm's shareholders—there are leaders who argue that this is solid business because an articulated set of values that focuses on doing good by employees and customers creates a stronger company that rewards shareholders over the long term.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to patronize places where I feel like I am treated fairly (for example, management had to eat the cost of a product because they screwed up, and replaced mine for free). On the other hand, when someone tries to rip me off for an extra few bucks, I never go back.

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