Domino’s ‘zero clicks’ app orders your favorite pizza in the laziest way possible

Dominos Pizza Zero Clicks App

Domino’s just made it lazier than ever to order a pizza. The company’s new app can order your favorite meal without clicking a single button on your smartphone or tablet.

On opening the app, which launched on Wednesday, users are presented with a ten second timer. Fail to close the app within 10 seconds and your favorite on-file pizza is ordered and delivered.

You might recall that last November the pizza chain announced a single push button customers could use to order their favorite pizza.

Domino’s also rolled out “tweet to order” in May 2015, which allowed customers to tweet a simple pizza emoji to order a pizza.

If you have kids you might want to avoid this app or lock your phone. I could see my two-year-old accidentally opening the app and a pizza arriving 30 minutes later.

Here’s the app in action.

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Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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