Anti-business candidate Donald Trump strikes again this time promising to destroy Amazon

Donald Trump Anti-business

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Donald Trump is anti-business, or at least anti-any-business-he-doesn’t-own.

First, the Donald called for a ban on Apple after the company refused to give the FBI a backdoor into an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters, and now he’s going after Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos.

The Republican frontrunner was speaking in Texas on Friday when he attacked Bezos while promising that Amazon “is going to have suck problems” if he becomes the next POTUS.

Trump accused Bezos of buying the Washington Post so Amazon would benefit from the “political influence” of the newspaper.

In a clip captured by CNBC Trump said:

“I have respect for Jeff Bezos, but he bought The Washington Post to have political influence, and I gotta tell you, we have a different country than we used to have,” Trump said. “He owns Amazon. He wants political influence so that Amazon will benefit from it. That’s not right. And believe me, if I become president, oh, do they have problems. They’re going to have such problems.”

Trump was referring to Bezos’ $250 million acquisition of The Washington Post in 2013. The investment was made through the mogul’s own investment company.


Trump had previously attempted to claim that The Washington Post purchase was a “tax shelter” for Amazon, a fact that was quickly shot down by numerous experts.

Jeff Bezos has stayed out of the fight with Trump other than a tweet he sent to the real estate titan suggesting he would gladly send him into space aboard one of Blue Orbit’s shuttles. He didn’t offer a return trip.

Here’s the CNBC clip featuring Donald Trump going on the offensive against Amazon.

Donald Trump is no stranger to calling for boycotts, he’s pretty OCD about the entire “don’t buy from these guys” approach.

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You might recall that Trump begged consumers to boycott Starbucks because its red cups didn’t feature Christian symbology this past holiday season.

Here’s a tweet Donald Trump sent begging the American people to boycott Macy’s after they dropped his uninspired lineup of clothing and accessories.

Trump also asked us to boycott Fox News, over what he considered unfair treatment by moderator Megyn Kelly in the debates.

Right when Trump jumped into the Presidential race he called for a boycott of Nabisco after it announced plans to move its Oreos plant to Mexico. He promised to “never eat them again.”

If that isn’t enough boycotting for your liking, Trump has asked us to boycott entire countries, specifically Mexico and all of its imports.

If you’re on the opposite side of the Trump voting fence, you can visit a Facebook page that is calling for a boycott of all properties and brands owned by Donald Trump.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn is the Politics and Military & Defense Editor at BusinessPundit. She is a fiercely independent voter who believes in full transparency in politics & general government activities. You can reach her at Refinance Student Loans.