Donald Trump attacks ‘total whack job’ Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders called Total Whack Job by Donald Trump

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is throwing the kitchen sink at Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

During a campaign speech on Wednesday morning, Trump called Sanders a “total whack job.”

Trump said the two leading Democratic presidential candidates — Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — could be worse in the presidency than Barack Obama.

“If we go four more years with Obama and maybe worse — between either of them, I mean, how about this guy, this socialist Bernie Sanders? I mean, this guy is a total whack job,” Trump said to his supporters in Norwalk, Iowa.

“But let’s assume it’s Hillary — I mean, let’s assume. If we go with either of these two people, I’m not sure you ever come back from it. It’s going to be an abyss that I’m not sure you can ever bring it back [from]. But we can make America greater than ever before.”

Trump has been increasingly attacking Bernie Sanders, who has surged in recently Democratic primary polls.

Earlier this month Donald Trump said facing Bernie Sanders in the general election would be “a dream come true.”

In response to the “total whack job” comment, the Sanders campaign offered this simple tweet.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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