Donald Trump Has Gained The Support Of Vegas’ Most Famous Billionaire

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has gained the attention and support of billionaire casino owner Steve Wynn. According to FOX Business, Wynn has been tapped as an unofficial adviser to Trump’s campaign.

According to reports, Trump has been in constant contact with Wynn and that communication has increased as Trump’s lead in pretty much every poll released has grown significantly larger.

People close to the campaign say Wynn has offered advice and counsel to Trump on various issues, including whether Trump would rule out a third-party run.

“They are talking regularly,” said one GOP operative. “Trump calls and asks Steve ‘how am I doing,” and then Steve tells him.”

It should be noted that Steve Wynn regularly consults with GOP nominees and a spokesman says he “gives his best thoughts and ideas” to many people on a regular basis.

While Steve Wynn and Donald Trump have known each other for years, his press team says the advice he is giving is no different than the advice he has given to other candidates.

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump announced that he had signed the loyalty pledge, a non-legal binding contract that says he won’t run as a third party member if he loses the primary.


Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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