Donald Trump promises to get rid of federal regulations that hurt businesses

Donald Trump and taxes

If Donald Trump is elected as the next President of the United States he plans to remove a slew of federal regulations he believes are hurting business owners through high taxes.

Trump also says he would attempt to refinance longer-term US debt.

“We’re lowering taxes very substantially and we’re going to be getting rid of a tremendous amount of regulations,” Trump said in an interview with CNBC.

During his interview the New York businessman said he supports low interest rates for now and believes the United States should try to refinance some of its debt to help pay for infrastructure repairs.

“I would refinance debt. I think we should refinance longer-term debt,” Trump said.

“I think there are times for us to refinance, refinance debt with longer term,” he said. “Because you know we owe so much money. Nobody talks about it – nobody talks about it until the bubble pops. And the bubble could pop, and it could pop and it could be ugly.”

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Trump also revealed during the interview that there is a 40% chance his vice presidential pick would be a former Republican presidential rival.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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