Donald Trump settles $500 million Miss USA lawsuit with Univision

Donald Trump and Univision settlement

Donald Trump and Univision have settled the $500 million lawsuit that Trump filed after Univision dumped the Miss USA pageant telecast.

“The terms of the settlement are confidential,” the two sides said in an announcement Thursday afternoon.

Trump sued Univision, the biggest Spanish language broadcaster in the United States, for $500 million last summer.

Trump and the CEO of Univision, Randy Falco, issued statements in support of their business relationship and long-time friendship.

“I have known Donald Trump for many years in both a personal and professional capacity and we are pleased to settle this matter and move forward,” Falco said.

“I’m glad we are able to put these differences behind us,” Trump said.

The settlement between Univision and Donald Trump could be a perfectly timed political move. Donald Trump is facing primary votes in Nevada and Florida, both which have a large viewer pool with Univision.

Univision said it canceled the July 12 Miss USA telecast because it could not remain in business with a presidential candidate who had offended many Hispanics. The networks decision occurred after Trump called illegal Mexicans “rapists,” before adding, “Some, I assume, are good people.”

NBC also canceled the telecast but eventually struck a deal with Trump.

Trump’s side initially accused Univision of engaging in a “politically motivated attempt to suppress Mr. Trump’s freedom of speech under the First Amendment as he begins to campaign for the nation’s presidency.”

Univision called Trump’s lawsuit “both factually false and legally ridiculous.”

At time’s during the Trump campaign his personnel blocked Univision reports from political rallies.

In October, after Univision staffers were denied press credentials for a Trump rally in Florida, a campaign spokeswoman told CNN, “Mr. Trump is suing Univision for $500 million and until that is resolved it is a conflict of interest.”

No further details about the settlement have been revealed.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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