Donald Trump’s lead continues to grow with 30 point advantage

Donald Trump

A new CNN poll of Republican primary voters has found that Donald Trump is now holding his biggest lead yet.

The poll was released a day ahead of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries and caucuses that Trump looks ready to dominate.

Trump has managed to gain support from 49% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters nationally, according to the poll.

Based on those numbers Donald Trump has a 30 point lead over Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who was at 16%, and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who was at 15%.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has maintained 10% support while Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has fallen further behind the pack with 6% of expected votes.

Trump has increased his commanding lead by 8 points since last months numbers, which arrived directly before the first caucuses and primaries of the election season.

Rubio also jumped by 8-points while Cruz fell 4 points in the same survey.

Trump hasn’t fair quite as well in RealClearPolitics national surveys, although he still holds a 16-point lead.

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Trump has managed consecutive victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada ahead of Super Tuesday’s contests, in which more than 10 states vote.

Opponents of Donald Trump have asked that GOP presidential hopefuls without a chance of winning drop out of the race. They believe that Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would stand a better chance at victory if votes were consolidated down to several candidates and fell in their favor with moderate conservatives.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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