Dreamworks And Disney Are Breaking Up

Dreamworks And Disney Splitting up

DreamWorks will not renew its current distribution deal with the Walt Disney Co. A source close to the company tells Variety that the company’s will go their separate ways when their current distribution deal expires in August 2016.

Disney and DreamWorks started working together in 2009, however, Disney has gone on to acquire Marvel and LucasFilm, while placing much of its focus on tentpole films.

The final two DreamWorks films to be released by Disney will be the Tom Hanks’ starring Cold War film “Bridge of Spies” which debuts on October 16, and “The BFG” which debuts July 1, 2016. Both of those films are directed by Spielberg.

“The BFG” is a co-production with Disney and marks Spielberg’s first Disney-branded film.

Sources close to the move believe DreamWorks will end up distributing its films through Universal. Spielberg was the executive producer on Universal’s smash hit “Jurassic World” and he has maintained his office on that property even throughout the Disney deal.


DreamWorks’ current slate includes Lasse Hallstrom’s “A Dog’s Purpose,” which is production; “The Girl on the Train,” directed by Tate Taylor with Emily Blunt starring; and “Ghost in the Shell,” starring Scarlett Johansson, which is set for release in March of 2017.


Written by Peter Mondrose

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