Drone Owners Will Soon Be Required To Register Their Devices

Drone Rules

The U.S. Transportation Department will soon require drone owners to register their devices with the U.S. government. The new registration program will go into effect before the end of 2016. The goal of the program is to end unsafe flights

The department aims to convene a task force to figure out the specifics of the policy, including which drones will be included, how users will register the devices, and whether the policy will apply to devices that have already been sold, the person said.

Drone owners have come under fire in recent months because of interference their devices have caused. In several cases, the drones interfered with planes that were supposed to help fight against forest fires. In other cases, they have come dangerously close to causing accidents with commercial airlines.

The Transportation Department said it plans to make a drone-related announcement on Monday but declined further comment.

Regulators hope the registration requirement will help them enforce their rules on drone flights which include caps on how high the drones can fly and regulations on certain restricted areas.