Drunk Uber passenger refunded $150 after 20-mile detour

Uber has refunded a passenger who entered a vehicle while drunk, fell asleep, and was taken on a 20-mile detour that cost $150.

The rider booked an Uber early Monday to travel from London’s Old Street area to Clapton. The original trip was only 4 miles.

The rider admitted on social media that he was drunk and fell asleep in the car.

He realized he was over charged when he received a bill for $150 instead of the typical $22 paid to travel to the area.

He tweeted a screenshot of  his crazy drunken journey along with a message that read: “DAAAAAAAMN UBER.”

Drunk Uber driver refunded after 20 mile trip out of his way

Uber confirmed Wednesday that he had been given a full refund.

“Unlike other transport options Uber offers transparent receipts with a record of every trip and a map of the route taken so if there is an issue it can be resolved,” a spokesperson for Uber revealed.

Uber has a policy of investigating controversial rides to determine whether a detour was necessary because of closures or traffic restrictions.

If Uber finds that a driver has taken an unnecessary route they are suspended and their accounts deactivated pending a further investigation.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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