Easy Pizza

I wrote about EasyGroup many months ago, before most of you read this blog. They have a great strategy, and now a reader has pointed me to some of their new ventures. EasyPizza is a great idea, for this reason:

easyPizza will make the utilisation of these assets more efficient by spreading the demand over a wider period, and the incentive given to consumers to alter their demand will be price. In other words those customers who are prepared to take delivery of their pizza at an off-peak time, 4pm for example, will be rewarded with a lower price than the customer who wants to take delivery of the same pizza at a peak time – for example, 8pm. In addition, customers who book their pizzas in advance will benefit from lower prices than those customers who want the same pizza for immediate delivery. As with all easyGroup companies customers will buy their pizzas from www.easyPizza.com.

Great out of the box thinking. This idea should have been done a long time ago. It sounds like EasyGroup is really taking Europe by storm.

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