Ebay: Is Meg Pulling a Carly?

Jeff Matthews has a nice post analyzing the Ebay-Skype thing vs. HP-Compaq.

When Carly Fiorina announced her plan to have Hewlett-Packard—one of the all-time great, if fading, technology franchises—buy commodity PC-maker Compaq Computer for $25 billion shortly before 9/11, she told HP employees in a horribly prescient email that the deal marked "a historic day."

She was right about that, because in retrospect it marked the beginning of the end for Carly Fiorina as the restorer of HP's faded luster.

And with respect to Meg:

So why she wants Skype is beyond me.

I suspect, however, if she gets it by paying $2 to 3 billion for a company with an estimated revenue base (the Skype financials are not public) of $6 to 10 million and no apparent fit to the eBay operating model, then it could mark yet another "historic day" in the annals of technology-related acquisitions.

As Compaq did for Carly.

The deal seems a little pricy, but I know why Ebay wants Skype, to distribute the power of Ebay among Skype users. They will problemably turn it into something like Jittery's Blogpoint.

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