Economy Crashes; Lenny Dykstra Goes With It


Last night, HBO featured Lenny Dykstra on “Real Sports.” Dykstra’s second “Real Sports” profile–he first appeared on the show one year ago–showed how far the The Dude fell financially between then and now. The New York Post has more about Dykstra’s looming destitution:

When HBO’s “Real Sports” first profiled Lenny Dykstra a year ago, he seemed to be on top of the world. He’d sold his three car washes for $55 million, had his own private jet, had bought an $18.5 million house outside of Los Angeles from Wayne Gretzky, and was in the process of creating The Players Club, a magazine exclusively for professional athletes.

In tonight’s episode…the jet is grounded in Cleveland, the house is in foreclosure, and Dykstra has been sued at least 20 times by former business associates. “Real Sports” interviewed six people for the story, including the Post’s Kevin Coughlin, and they claimed Dykstra owed them nearly $700,000.

“He’s very charming at first,” Coughlin, a former photo editor for The Players Club who wrote an article in April’s issue of GQ Magazine detailing his time working for Dykstra, said during the episode. “He tells you what you want to hear. You believe him at first … you want to believe him.

“But when the final payday comes, it doesn’t come.”


I’m continually amazed at how far athletes can fall financially. I think Dykstra will make #26 on this list.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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