55 Sad Facts About Our Economy

While the stock market is at all time highs under the early Trump presidency, trouble brews below the surface. With massive income inequality, record student loan debt and a disastrous health care situation dragged through the mud of politics, our economy is leaving many behind.… Read More

Crisis In Venezuela

Imagine trying to do business in a place where if your costs go up you can’t charge more for your product to compensate. That’s exactly what is happening right now in Venezuela, and it has caused chaos and insecurity. There’s a black market for things… Read More

OPEC fails to reach a deal

A meeting among the 13 member nations of OPEC on Thursday failed to reach terms that would have set a production ceiling. Following the meeting in Vienna the cost of West Texas Intermediate crude futures loss 1% to hit $48.59 a barrel. Brent crude, the… Read More