Don’t Leave Money on the Table With Mobile Apps

When you compare how much revenue you are making on your app across networks, are you sure you’re comparing apples to apples?  Unless you are calculating the eCPM, you probably aren’t.

In order to calculate the eCPM, or effective cost per mille, divide your total revenue by your number of impressions and multiply by 1000.  This will allow you to see which network is generating the most efficient profit for your app.

Once you have this information, there are a few tweaks you can make to your app to ensure it is as profitable as it possibly can be.

Have you considered using targeting software to find potential users?  More eyeballs mean more profit!

You can also tweak the placements of the ads on your app to get the most user engagement possible out of them.  When users have the next possibly experience, your app makes more money.

Learn more from this infographic.

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