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  • Penn State University online Program

    Best online college programs to earn a bachelor’s degree in 2016

    Attending a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree is not always a simple thing to do. If you already work a full-time job or you have children at home, the logistics behind attending brick-and-mortar university might be unfeasible. Thankfully we live in a brave new world where the best online colleges can help you earn […]

  • New York - Columbia University Building

    These 28 business schools are the best in their state

    A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the most popular post-graduate degree in the United States, and for good reason. In the program, students study foundational business topics, which are applicable in every organization no matter the field. Learning these skills is necessary to excel in business and learning them from a top school, […]

  • Harvard University

    21 top universities where getting accepted is getting harder

    It’s no secret that top universities are difficult to get into. Most require an almost perfect GPA and very high SAT and/or ACT scores. However, it is also a trend to see top schools lowering their overall acceptance rates to allow an even smaller percentage of incoming freshmen to be accepted. In 2005, Stanford University accepted […]

  • University of Virginia

    These 20 public colleges offer the best value for your money

    Kiplinger recently released its list of 300 best-value public and private schools, ranked based on quality. While it’s no surprise to see colleges like Stanford and Princeton at the top of the list, it’s also nice to see some public schools toward the top as well. Kiplinger ranks the schools on things like test scores […]

  • New York repaying student loans

    New York will pay your student loan for 2 years

    If you’re a recent college graduate in New York state and you’re struggling to pay back your student loans, you might be able to receive some help from the state. The state will pay up to two years of student loan bills for residents who have failed to land their dream job and are currently […]

  • January 1 is best day to file your FAFSA

    Today is the best day to file your FAFSA for student loans

    File your FAFSA form today! January 1 is the best day to file for student loans if you plan to attend school in 2016, experts say. The entire FAFSA application process only takes about 30 minutes and filing early can provide filers with more money from grants and  other services. The FAFSA application is 100% […]

  • MIT - Best Colleges in America

    The 50 best colleges by state

    Every year U.S. college research company Niche compiles a list of the best public or private college in each state. This year the company looked at  1713 colleges in its database and ranked them based on more than just basic statistics. According to its website, This year the company looked at  1713 colleges in its […]

  • College Costs might soon make it not worth attending a four year school

    Goldman Sachs Is Questioning The Value Of A College Education

    Analysts at Goldman Sachs are starting to question if a college education is worth the massive debt some students are racking up. According to the report, students who attend the bottom 25% of all universities earn less on average than high school graduates. Students who attend some mid-tier universities might also want to reconsider. “The […]

  • Fiat Chrysler Free College Tuition

    Fiat Chrysler Is Going To Put Workers And Their Families Through College For Free

    Fiat Chrysler is offering to put its workers’ kids through college. With auto sales skyrocketing, the company is having a hard time finding the right people — especially technicians — to work at its various dealerships around the United States. “Our dealerships asked us for help. We think this program will help them attract the […]

  • Argosy University

    For-Profit College Ordered To Pay Back $103 Million To Students

    The nation’s second-largest for-profit college is forgiving $103 million worth of student loan debt. Education Management Corporation has settled a lawsuit that claimed it violated consumer protection laws. EDMC allegedly misled students about the benefits of a degree from its schools, and misrepresented job placement numbers. In a separate action, the company agreed to pay […]

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Smartest Public University in America

    105 Smartest Public Colleges In America: An Awesome Education At A Fraction Of The Cost

    You don’t necessarily have to attend an Ivy league university to receive an amazing education and be surrounded by very smart and motivated young people. The 105 smartest colleges in American were pulled from stats at CollegeBoard which found that an in-state four-year public school education runs just $9,100 per year on average, that’s far cheaper than […]