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  • Student loans the the Federal Reserve

    Why 44 million Americans With Student Loans Love Janet Yellen Right Now

    The Federal Reserve did student loan borrowers a favor last week. Fed policymakers voted to leave interest rates at 0-0.25% following a two-day meeting in Washington. Since the market meltdown and financial crisis, low-interest rates have been the norm over the last seven years. Low-interest rates are often praised for helping consumers save money during […]

  • College

    The 25 best colleges in America under $25,000 a year

    Choosing what college to attend is one of the most important decisions in any high schooler’s life. (Right behind deciding who to take to prom and what Instagram filter to choose). Students want to go to the best colleges but high college tuition rates have been an issue over the past decade, causing many students […]

  • 10 Wealthiest Private Colleges and Universities by Endowment

    NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) recently published their yearly list of endowments for institutions of higher learning in the United States, its protectorates and Canada. Previously, we published a list of the top ten American universities and colleges by number of undergrad alumni billionaires. We wondered if that ranking or the […]

  • MBA Holding Less Weight in 2015

    Obtaining An MBA Isn’t Important To Many Firms These Days

    In the past if you wanted to work with a major Wall Street firm or obtain an executive level position with a tech firm or other prestigious company, you needed to obtain your Master of Business Administration, commonly referred to as an MBA. That trend may be changing as businesses move away from requiring the […]

  • 10 Schools with the Most Billionaire Undergrad Alumni

    The number of billionaires keeps increasing each year and certain colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning keep coming out on top for the most millionaire alumni. Here are our candidates for the top 10 institutions of higher learning by number of living billionaire undergrad alumni. To create our ranking, we started with the […]

  • 10 Best Online Course Platforms for Businesses

    Image Source There have been online course and custom computer-learning solutions for businesses for quite a while. But today there are literally hundreds of new online platforms you can choose from. Many offer subscription-based packages. They have a huge range of price points, and unsurprisingly a wide range of services, from hands-off video tutorials, to […]

  • 10 Ways College is Big Business

    Elite institutes of higher education like to brand themselves as places where students learn, grow, mature and philosophize. Oftentimes they seem above the nitty gritty of doing business, but in fact, that’s what most colleges and universities are: big businesses. There are plenty of voices out there advocating that these schools be run even more […]

  • 10 Economists Who Deserve Nobel Prizes

    Editor’s Note: This post was inspired by the excellent article 50 People Who Deserve a Nobel Prize. The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was founded in 1968 by distinguished Swedish bank Sveriges Riksbank and was first awarded in 1969. The Prize in Economics, as the Nobel Foundation calls it, is widely considered the most […]

  • 5 Common Myths About Getting A Business Degree

    Share Getting a business degree is often a ‘safe’ option for many high school graduates who are confused about their direction in life. It also tends to be a fallback for people who are simply after money and nothing more. There are even people who choose a business degree based on a few years of […]

  • Online PhD: How reddit is Influencing Your Education Choices

    Share Reddit has grown to be giant community of people who’s individual decisions collectively and filter out irrelevant content. This process of crowd sourcing can have a huge impact on your life and our society as a whole. Here are five surprisingly simple things on reddit that could influence your education choices. The State of […]

  • Why Going Back to School can Help You Run a Business

    Going back to school is a tough decision to make. You must consider how it will affect your life as well as the cost of tuition and other factors that may change. If you’re looking to get ahead and run your own business, going back to school is going to help you do that. Here […]

  • 2011 College Graduates: Are you Ready for Life?

    The 2011 graduates have just walked the stage and are preparing themselves for the great adventure to follow. Mixed emotions are flooding through them; “Am I ready? Will I find a job related to my degree?” There are many paths a graduate can follow once they’re thrown out into the real world to look for […]