"Elite" Web Search

I get emails pretty regularly asking what I think about various business ideas, projects, etc. and I really like to answer them because I'm a business geek. I've been corresponding a little with the founder of Elite Web. In essence, it's an attempt to filter the web for you to the sites they judge to be the best of the best. This is becoming an increasing phenomenon as the web gets more and more crowded with junk. The founder, rob_businessert Burko, apparently began working on the site in high school. Over the last few years they have added business solutions and a general business portal.

I like this idea, but it's a very tricky problem to tackle. For instance, let's take business blogs as an example. What are the best business blogs? Well, that depends on what you are interested in, and what writing styles you like. So some people like different things. And then on top of that, some niches are overwhelmed with good blogs. I read about 170 blogs in my RSS reader (okay, okay, I do a lot of "mark all as read" too), and I get emails regularly about new business blogs. I usually don't pick up their feeds. Not because they aren't good, but because there are already plenty of good blogs that I read. I don't have time to read 500 blogs a day, but there are problemably at least that many that I would enjoy. So how do you filter for the best of the best? Maybe Mr. Burko will stop by and answer that. It's a noble goal, and the site does indeed seem useful. But can they stay on top of the ever exploding web?

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