Elon Musk says Tesla ‘over-engineered’ the Model X SUV

Tesla Model X SUV

Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk says the Model X SUV was “over-engineered” and “there was some hubris with the Model X” which led to delays in delivering the vehicle.

According to the Tesla CEO, everything from the seals around the windows to the construction of the second-row seats proved to be hurdles.

The tech icon says what resulted was the “best car ever” made.

“I’m not sure anyone will make a car like this again,” he said. “I’m not sure Tesla will make a car like this again.”

The Model X’s complexity was something Musk brought up at the car’s launch in September. At the time Musk said Tesla probably shouldn’t have made the vehicle because of all the complexities the company faced.

While there were many delays, demand for the Tesla Model X SUV remains strong. Musk says the company has attempted to suppress demand, but there are still tens of thousands of SUVs on backorder.

In the meantime, Tesla will start taking pre-orders for its Model 3 on March 31.