Elon Musk Sort Of Congratulates Jeff Bezos On Milestone Rocket Landing

Blue Orbit Rocket Landing

Elon Musk sent a congratulatory tweet to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday but it wasn’t exactly a gleeming message of accomplishment.

After Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin had a successful launch and landing, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Musk then went on a diatribe about how SpaceX has more ambitious travel plans than Blue Origin.

SpaceX has already won contracts from both NASA and commercial customers to carry payloads and people into orbit, while Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket is designed to carry space tourists for flights that last only a few minutes.

Musk then claimed that an earlier SpaceX rocket named Grasshopper had completed six “suborbital” flights and successfully landed vertically.

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Blue Origin’s mission on Tuesday however traveled more than one hundred times farther than Grasshopper.

Sure it’s not the most genuine congratulations we have ever seen, but it sure is exciting to see the first real competitive ribbing from the space industry in years.

Here’s a YouTube video of the Blue Origin rocket landing.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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