Email Can Lower Your IQ

The constant distraction of email can lower your IQ more than marijuana.

The distractions of constant emails, text and phone messages are a greater threat to IQ and concentration than taking cannabis, according to a survey of befuddled volunteers.

Doziness, lethargy and an increasing inability to focus reached "startling" levels in the trials by 1,100 people, who also demonstrated that emails in particular have an addictive, drug-like grip.

Respondents' minds were all over the place as they faced new questions and challenges every time an email dropped into their inbox. Productivity at work was damaged and the effect on staff who could not resist trying to juggle new messages with existing work was the equivalent, over a day, to the loss of a night's sleep.

So it logically follows that we should encourage employees to smoke pot instead of check email, right? Maybe not, but if the same holds true for beer, I might actually embrace the idea.

  • shirley chua

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