Energy Companies Rule Fortune 500 List

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Energy Companies Rule Fortune 500 List

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The new Fortune 500 is out. Energy companies won big this year, bumping former leader Wal-Mart down to fifth place.

The first ten companies on the list of the country’s biggest companies:

1. Exxon Mobile
2. Wal-Mart
3. Chevron
4. ConocoPhillips
5. GE
6. GM
7. Ford
8. AT&T
9. HP
10. Valero

If you’re scratching your head, the lists below–biggest winners and losers–will clarify things.

Below are the ten most profitable companies, according to the Fortune 500 list:

1. Exxon Mobile
2. Chevron
3. Microsoft
4. GE
5. Wal-Mart
6. Johnson & Johnson
7. AT&T
8. IBM
9. Proctor & Gamble
10. HP

Here are the ten biggest losers:

1. AIG
2. Fannie Mae
3. Freddie Mac
4. GM
5. Citigroup
6. Merrill Lynch
7. Conoco
8. Ford
9. Time Warner
10. CBS

The biggest losers list includes Coca-Cola, a couple of big media companies, Delta, and UAL. I’m stunned that the list isn’t exclusively composed of national banks.

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Find the full list here.

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