Enron’s Skilling Urged Execs to Fool Wall Street

This is news?

"Mr. Skilling would simply say, in fact he did say, 'This is what the number's going to be,"' said Rice, who oversaw the broadband business. "So we'd walk away and say 'All right, we're going to try and hit it."'

Is there still someone left that thinks Skilling was just an aggressive business person that hit upon some bad luck?

  • Tom

    “Rice, who has pleaded guilty to securities fraud and is awaiting sentencing, led Enron’s Internet broadband business EBS, until July 2001. He faces up to 10 years in prison.”

    You’d take the word of a convicted fellon? These fellons don’t so much sing as compose, i.e. they tell court what the prosecution wants them to say. Find a witness who is not about to go to prison.

  • In Illinois, with At Will employment laws to *Protect the Corporation*, a boss can fire you based on whim, lies, false accusations. I’m fighting this very thing right now. I have no hope, no laws to help me in any way, still, I fight against PsychoCapitalism, the weird mutant offspring of Capitalism and Misanthropy.

    Enamored defense of Enron, WorldCom, Skilling, Ken Lay, etc. will occur. Just as we have those who still worship Charles Manson. And Enron’s corruption ruined a lot more lives, destroyed more people, than Charles Manson ever did.

    Sarbanes-Oxley is causing IT Control and Audit to be seen in a whole new light.

  • Rob

    I think Skilling’s supposed berating of Fortune writer Bethany Mclean (he called her stupid since she couldn’t figure out how Enron made their money) is a good tip off that they were pRobably doing something wrong. She was too inquisitive, and Emperors don’t like people pointing out that they have no clothes.