Entrepreneur Test

Barry Ritholtz sent me an entrepreneurial IQ test. I scored a 69%, which isn't great, but I'm disputing some of the answers. For instance (answer is in bold):

3. If you want your company to be successful, it's most important to strive for which objective?

To be the lowest cost producer
To be the best known brand
To be the most profitable company
To be the sole provider of something people really want
To have the largest customer base

You should wake up every day and strive to become the sole provider of a product or service people really want. If you achieve this status, costs will go down, people will recognize your brand, you'll make a lot of money, and your customer base will grow. All your major functions — for example: design, sales, marketing, and manufacturing — should be working towards this goal because this is what makes a company successful.

I read that and I think Hmmmm, well I have no control over what others do, therefore I can't determine whether or not I'm the sole provider. That is determined by others, so I'll pick "be the best known brand." Maybe they should re-think some parts of this test. Of course, Guy Kawasaki, who wrote the test says that if you care what your score says, you aren't ready to be an entrepreneur.

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