Entrepreneurial Heartaches

The Deal Flow blog at Busienssweek has a good post about some aspects of entrepreneurship that are often ignored.

There were plenty of nuggets about how to pitch ideas and raise money, which I'll get to in a minute. But the part that stuck with me most was about the personal sacrifices and commitment that are required to live the life entrepreneurial. We hear plenty about the Google guys and their billions. We don't hear enough about the rejection, heartache, and ruined families that many entrepreneurs endure.

I can vouch for the fact that it is tough on family life. I once went six straight months with only one day off. I missed birthdays, cookouts, and other family gatherings. I left in the mornings when my wife had just gotten up, and I got home at night maybe an hour before she went to bed. And all I ever wanted to do was work, talk about work, or think about work. Even though we talked about it repeatedly before hand, and we both fully understood it would be like that, it was still difficult. If you want to be an entrepreneur, realize that your family life will require just as much work as your company.

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For some other perspectives on this, you should check out You Need To Be a Little Crazy and Starting Something. The first addresses family issues for entrepreneurs in a straight forward manner. The second does so as part of the story the book is telling. For a female perspective on the same problem, check out Naked in the Boardroom, which addresses it in a few places. Whatever you do, realize that for all the glory entrepreneurship can bring, it can also crush your ego, your finances, and your family life.