Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Should you join Entrepreneur's Anonymous?

Entrepreneurs Anonymous ("EA") seeks counselors willing to help assist those burdened with ambition and a need to employ, create and prosper. Such individuals should themselves have once been among the ranks of hopeful believers in their own invincibility.

Entrepreneurship does create problems. Sometimes it even creates bad thoughts. For instance, Mrs. Businesspundit is wonderful and I am very lucky to have her, but I do occasionally think that if I wasn't married I could live so much more cheaply (thus freeing up more money for entrepreneurship), and I would have more free time (to spend working on a new company). It really seems like a disease sometimes. Check out the link to read the 12 steps to recovery.

  • I sympathise completely with TheEA and came across it whilst setting up Business Failures Anonymous
    BFA recognises that there is a wealth of professional business advice readily available elsewhere but also believes that there is a lack of emotional support for people facing potentially serious consequences of a failed business on physical & mental health as well as personal wealth.

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  • Salman Khan

    Anonymous i agree with you on that point Entrepreneurship does create problems but it doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t go for it. It’s a good for many.