Evolution, and other ideas

A couple of letters in the WSJ on evolution got me thinking about an old post I wrote. See, I believe that evolution is the most powerful idea of the last few centuries. It is often misunderstood, even by educated people. It has applications outside of the realm of biology, in fields like genetic algorithms and economics. I think an understanding of evolution is a key component in the education of anyone. In a departure from normal Businesspundit fare, I am going to link to an old post that explains to some extent why I think what I think. You can understand someone much better when you understand his/her background. Since my readership has increased significantly since that was originally posted, most of you have probably never seen it. I'll leave this at the top over the weekend.

Since some of what I wrote will be controversial and may offend some people, my policy in the post stands. Any snide comments along the lines of "evolution is a myth" or "you were never a REAL christian" or anything like that and your IP will be banned. Sorry, but I am just not going to put up with that any more. And as usual, thoughtful comments are welcome even if you disagree with me. You will se in the post that the biggest influence by far was when I began to study and embrace neuroscience. Few people seem to grasp the philsophical and sociological implications of what neuroscience is telling us about ourselves. Enjoy, and have a nice weekend.

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