This week there will be a lot of talk here about execution. I'm going out of town Wednesday and several guest bloggers will blogging on that topic. Why execution? Because I think it is the single most difficult thing to master in any business. You can strategize all day. You can hire superstars. You can raise a ton of money. If you can't execute, all of that is irrelevant.

Execution is difficult because it is contrary to what we like to do. We like to hedge our bets so that others can share in the blame of a failure. We like to ignore boring tasks in favor of whatever catches our eye (this is a persistent problem for me in particular). We like to expand our work to fill the available time, so we don't have to take on much more. These things kill execution. But there are things that can help you execute well. I think my guest bloggers will be able to shed some light on that.