Facebook activates Safety Check feature after Brussels airport bombing

Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature following a suicide bombing at the Brussels airport that left dozens of people dead and injured.

Facebook’s Safety Check prompts people in the region to mark themselves as “safe” during times of disaster.

In addition to themselves, people can declare other friends “Safe,” “Unsafe,” or “Not in the area.”

Safety statuses appear as a notification on their friends’ Facebook accounts and News Feeds. Friends will then get an alert in their news feeds.

The info can be listed in a user’s profile or disclosed when using the “Nearby Friends” feature.

Facebook first debuted Safety Check in 2014. The attacks on Paris four months ago were the first time that Facebook used Safety Check for a terror attack. It was previously used only for natural disasters.

The Dutch Red Cross has also set up a safety check-in website, called “I am safe.”

Brussels Facebook Safety Check

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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