Facebook is taking on a major market to improve mobile internet standards

Facebook data open source project

Facebook started Internet.org in an attempt to deliver free and modestly priced internet to developing countries. While it’s “Free Basics” program has come under fire in India, the company isn’t slowing its attempts to deliver better and more sustainable internet to the masses.

The social network has announced that it’s launching the Telecom Infra Project, an ambitious new scheme to redesign telecoms infrastructure.

Internet traffic has continued to increase at unprecedented levels, as more users stream video and take to mobile devices. Those increases have placed growing strain on mobile telecoms.

“Every day, more people and more devices around the world are coming online, and it’s becoming easier to share data-intensive experiences like video and virtual reality,” Jay Parikh, Facebook’s global head of engineering and infrastructure, wrote in a blog post.

“Scaling traditional telecom infrastructure to meet this global data challenge is not moving as fast as people need it to,” he added.

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Telecom Infra Project

This isn’t the first time Facebook has attempted to publicly build scaleable infrastructure. The company successfully launched theĀ Open Compute Project, an effort to open-source data centers.

TIP will work in a similar fashion by opening up plans for network infrastructure.

Among partners who have already signed on to the program are Intel and Nokia.

Facebook TIP

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