Facebook Messenger now has 800 million users and big plans for 2016

Facebook Messenger at 800 million users

Facebook Messenger now has 800 million users and the apps developers are ramping up production with a massive 2016 roadmap.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s big milestone on his Facebook page on Thursday.

Zuckerberg revealed that the company plans to kill off SMS by creating a platform that brings friend together offline, offers artificial intelligence, and delights people.

In June 2015 Facebook announced that the platform had reached 700 million in June, 600 Million in March, and 500 million in November 2014.

According to Nielsen, Facebook Messenger was the fastest growing app of 2015, and it was the second most popular iOS app behind Facebook.

The company’s popular Messenger app is now transmitting 10 billion photos per month.

Here’s some interesting stats provided by Zuckerberg:

Facebook Messenger 800 million users

In a blog post today, head of Messenger David Marcus shared some major parts of Messenger’s 2016 strategy.

Here’s everything Facebook Messenger accomplished in 2015:

  • Speed improvements
  • Video calling
  • Conversation customization with colors, nicknames, and emoji
  • Customer service via Messenger
  • Send and receive payments
  • Platform for content and expression apps
  • Improved location sharing
  • Caller/Messenger ID
  • Message requests for chatting with non-friends
  • Automatic photo sharing with Photo Magic
  • M virtual assistant
  • Transportation app platform with Uber

In 2016 Facebook plans to USURP traditional phone calls, lean heavily on video messaging, and create a more personalized space for Messenger users.

Facebook Messenger users can also expect to see more from the artificial intelligence program called personal assistant M.

The social network also plans to focus on new ways to attract and retain teens on its social platform.

In his Facebook status update Mark Zuckerberg writes:

800 million people now use Messenger each month!

I’m constantly on Messenger. It’s an important part of how I run Facebook and keep in touch with my friends and family. I use Messenger to quickly get information from engineers to make decisions. I also message a lot with Priscilla every day and probably use way too many stickers. The cactus, Beast and Star Wars stickers are probably my favorites.

This is going to be a big year for Messenger. We’re working hard to give you more ways to communicate, and I’m proud that Messenger is helping to connect so many people around the world.

2016 is just getting underway but it looks like 1 billion users is just around the corner for Facebook Messenger.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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