The Myth of Facebook Privacy

How private is your information on Facebook anyway? It isn’t.

With 800 million users on Facebook, it’s become an addictive method to keep up social interaction. But are you aware of the harmful impact it can have on your professional life?

Are you accepting friend requests from co-workers? Or even your boss? What about mutual friends of friends sending requests, and are now accessing your personal information?

Can we really trust these people?

Mixing personal life and business is bound to cause issues. There’s been news recently that if you have a Facebook account and you’re applying for a job, they’ll want to look through it first.

It’s as if Linkedin wasn’t a good enough connection, now people want to dig through others’ personal life to see what dirt they can pull up on them.

Wall Street Journal and Jon Friedman’s view on how Facebook has no longer considered your “private life”.

Facebook can be whatever you want it to be; personal, business, or a way to stay connected. Some post complaints or give mundane details about their life every hour, some use it to “stalk”, some are humorous. But Facebook has become one large web that will show every comment, photo or post you publish.

If you Google your name and click “image” on the left tab, most photos you’ve posted on Facebook will appear. How “private” is that?

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