Failure, Dream Jobs, and re-applying to Mckinsey

I've always thought that my dream job, at least at this point in my life, would be at Mckinsey. Unfortunately, the fact that my MBA is from a public school probably isn't going to help me out (recruiters don't exactly drool over that). I applied last year and got rejected, but like Andy and his library in The Shawshank Redemption I'll just keep applying until they at least give me an interview, or I lose interest in the job. Right now I'm still willing to give up the entrepreneurial experience to be a part of that firm. At some point that will probably change. I was reading the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago about Rodney Brooks, a professor at MIT who keeps his two rejection letters from them framed on his wall. That's cool. Let's face it, a large component of success is timing, and the more I apply, the more I increase my chances of doing it at the right time.

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