FanDuel Acquires Sports Analytics Firm numberFire

FanDuel buys numberFire

FanDuel is hoping to move beyond fantasy sports and to help with that shift the company has acquired sports analytics firm numberFire.

In an interview with TechCrunch, CEO Nigel Eccles said, “Our ambitions have really broadened. We’ve started to think of ourselves less as a fantasy sports business — we want to make sports more exciting.”

Eccles plans to integrate numberFire analytics into FanDuel’s fantasy sports product thanks to a big request from numerous users. numberFire will also continue to operate as its own website.

numberFire founder and CEO Nik Bonaddio will be joining FanDuel and bringing along the rest of his team.

“I know a lot of people you talk to say that they’re pumped up, but I’m super ridiculously unbelievably pumped up,” Bonaddio said. “I couldn’t imagine a better landing place for us, where our intellectual property has the best chance to grow and prosper.”

 The company says ESPN fans are starting to move away from generalized statements and diving deeper into statistics.

FanDuel has “moved very quickly from five-to-six years with no acquisitions” to making three deals in a few months.

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FanDuel recently raised $275 million in a Series E round.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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