Fast Company

I get the print edition of Fast Company, and last month's magazine was so boring I barely read it. They made up for it this month though, by putting out some of the best articles I have seen in a long time. I have been waiting for the website to update, so I could link to them, and it looks like they just did that this afternoon.

Check out this for a list of bad CEO habits, and the executives that had them (it's a business Hall of Shame).

This article on luck is one of the best.

We did an experiment. We asked subjects to flip through a news-paper that had photographs in it. All they had to do was count the number of photographs. That's it. Luck wasn't on their minds, just some silly task. They'd go through, and after about three pages, there'd be a massive half-page advert saying, STOP COUNTING. THERE ARE 43 PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS NEWSPAPER. It was next to a photo, so we knew they were looking at that area. A few pages later, there was another massive advert — I mean, we're talking big — that said, STOP COUNTING. TELL THE EXPERIMENTER YOU'VE SEEN THIS AND WIN 150 POUNDS [about $235].

For the most part, the unlucky would just flip past these things. Lucky people would flip through and laugh and say, "There are 43 photos. That's what it says. Do you want me to bother counting?" We'd say, "Yeah, carry on." They'd flip some more and say, "Do I get my 150 pounds?" Most of the unlucky people didn't notice.

It turns out that luck and unlucky people have many of the same experiences, it is just how they interpret them. Luck has more to do with keeping your mind open to opportunity than anything else.

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And finally, Seth Godin's piece of the month is awesome! No excerpt here because it is short, and you should really read the whole thing anyway.