FDA Approves the Latest Must Have Product

Not one, not two, but THREE press releases for this miracle of modern medicine. It must be very important. And it is. Especially for those of you with puny little eyelashes. (I myself am blessed with an abundance of long, leafy lashes. So there.)

Isn’t It Called Mascara?

I didn’t know limpy lashes were such an issue. We’ve had another miracle product at our ready disposal for some time now. Mascara does wonders for even the lucky lashed likes of me! And, gosh, if you’re THAT bad off, there are always false eyelashes. They’re not that difficult to apply.

However, just after Christmas The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Allergan’s LATISSE™ as a treatment for hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. In English – that means having “inadequate” eyelashes, as measured by length, thickness and darkness. (Anything less than Zsa Zsa-esque is “inadequate” dahling!)

LATISSE™ is applied directly to lashes and will be available in the United States by prescription only. It is subject to all U.S. guidelines applicable to dispensing a prescription medical product. Thank God!


The Plot Thickens Along With Your Lashes

According to this news clip, the drug used to grow new and improved lashes was originally formulated to treat glaucoma, but when maker Allergen found out doctors were handing it out to lengthen lashes, and over the counter formulations were nearly chemically identical, they printed up new labels and sought the FDA’s blessing.

And they got it. Your tax dollars at work!

Image Credit: Roomic Cube, Flickr