FedEx was delivering packages on Christmas Day

Fedex shipment delays for Christmas

Imagine going to bed on Christmas Eve, irate at Fedex for failing to deliver your package son time because of bad weather in the Southeast. Then, you wake up on Christmas Day to the sound of your doorbell ringing and a Fedex delivery driver holding your delayed presents.

That exact scenario happened to thousands of Fedex customers after the company’s own employees volunteered to work on Christmas Day.

FedEx’s main hub in Memphis, Tennessee, was affected by the heavy rain and wind which delayed packages and nearly led to a sad Christmas for many shoppers.

To make up for the delays, FedEx said some of its employees have volunteered to work on Christmas to deliver delayed packages to customers.

“FedEx is doing everything possible to get customer shipments delivered by Christmas in spite of slight delays due to heavier than planned last-minute shipment volumes and severe weather outbreaks in some areas of the U.S.,” FedEx spokeswoman Rae Lyn Rushing said in a statement.

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On Friday, the company gave priority to residential shipments in an attempt to beat the holiday rush. The company also said it attempted to re-deliver packages on Friday if they couldn’t connect with the recipient on Thursday.

FedEx Express stores remained open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Christmas so that customers could pick up their packages.

Customers threw fits on social media on Thursday night when they realized some of their packages might not make it to their homes on time.

Those procrastinating Christmas shoppers called FedEx the “Christmas Grinch.”

Some UPS packages were delayed as well but the company’s delays did not appear to be as severe as its competitors.

“There may be some individuals who had some delayed packages, but overall, most people got the packages they were promised,” said Peggy Gardner, spokeswoman for UPS, in an email. “There hasn’t been a big issue with packages not being delivered.”

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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