Ferrari’s production limits might be increased in a few short years

Ferrari Sales by 2019 set to grow with increased production

Ferrari’s stock price has dropped from its IPO price of $52 to $42.67. Investors are demanding returns on their investments, and that could mean more Ferrari’s will soon flood the market.

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne this week told Bloomberg that the company is considering increasing annual production beyond its goal of 9,000 cars by 2019. That was the number of vehicles the company said it was aiming to produce in a filing made by Ferrari with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Before its IPO Ferrari was limiting production to around 7,000 cars annually to maintain exclusivity.

“We need to get there and try to determine whether the market can handle more than 9,000,” Marchionne said. “The founder of Ferrari in 1947 had a clear view that we produce one car less than the market demands, so, as long as we pay attention on that rule, we’ll be fine.”

Ferrari is likely to continue to limit sales in established markets.

With wealth growing rapidly for some high net worth individuals in emerging markets, Ferrari expects much of its growth to come form those areas.

In terms of higher volume models, there’s already talk of a V-6 Ferrari appearing in 2019.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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