Five Business You Can Start With Less Than $5,000

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If you’re looking for a place to invest your tax return, the money you earned selling your old car, or it’s just time to put a little something aside and quit your day job, there are a number of business opportunities open to you that might cost less than you think.

All of the business ideas listed below will cost any intrepid entrepreneur less than $5,000 in cash, credit or check to get going.

Keep in mind that your success with a small business will depend on your passion, a great marketing plan, and a lot of hard work.

Online Retail

Your main cost when it comes to online retail is simply purchasing a wholesale lot of goods. This is a trickier business than you might think, though. It’s very important to find a niche before getting involved. If you try to sell iPads, for instance, then no matter how low you go, the established online retailers can always afford to set their prices a little lower because of easier and cheaper access to the goods. They can even afford to take a loss to undercut you if need be. Find a commodity that isn’t already being dominated by somebody else and you might just have an opportunity on your hands. A good place to look for products is Ali Baba where you can find wholesalers for just about any product under the sun.

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Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer

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