Follow Your Heart: Start A Magazine

Do you ever wonder what inspires some people to follow through with their dreams while others sit back and make excuses?  I do.  This week I got the opportunity to ask entrepreneur Kimberly Enderle about founding the new local magazine, Peekaboo, which debuted in February 2008.  Kimberly’s story is a great example successful entrepreneurship.  Her business grew out of a genuine need that she understood.  She had the skill and support to make her community parenting magazine a reality.  My favorite part is that the only thing she’d change is to start sooner!

Tell us about your inspiration to start Peekaboo magazine.  Was it slow or sudden?  And how did you decide to follow your hunch?

My inspiration to start Peekaboo was the birth of my daughter. I had so many unanswered questions and no local resources to find them. I felt disconnected but was fortunate enough to have a group of new mommys in a prenatal Pilates’ class I was teaching. We formed a bond and I wanted to extend that to all the parents in Northwest Arkansas.

I received a degree in journalism a few years ago from the UA and decided there was no better use than to create Peekaboo Magazine. It took about a year from the time I decided to start Peekaboo until the first issue came out.

My husband had a lot to do with me “following” my hunch. Sometimes I felt he was more of an encourager than I was – I was afraid to fail because I loved the magazine so much – even before it existed.

What has been the most surprising thing about starting a new magazine?

The most surprising part about starting the new magazine has been the amazing community outreach and support I have received. Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive which only affirms why I started it in the first place.

What functional areas (ie. marketing, accounting, etc) has been the most challenging?

The sales has been the most challenging part – not because of the response but because I am the type of person who wants to give everything away. If I did that I couldn’t support the magazine without going broke – but having fun doing it.

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What have been the advantages of partnering with another organization?

I have formed great relationships with other local family targeted organizations. I originally partnered with a local sales team but realized that it wasn’t the right fit. Now, even though I am “alone” I have found great support with a local website – and a local nanny service Life Made Simple.

If you had to start over, would you do anything differently?

If I had to start over I would probably have started years ago – but without the experience I have received after being a mommy I would have been clueless.

What’s the best thing about starting and running your own business?

The best part about starting my own business is that I get to set my own hours and even though they are not ideal (early in the morning and very late at night) I get to spend most of my day with my daughter, which is why I originally decided to stay at home. I also enjoy meeting new people and being a part of the business community in Northwest Arkansas.

I also get to feel proud that I saw something through which is an amazing accomplishment in itself.

Do you have any advice for new or would-be entrepreneurs?

My only advice is to follow your heart and never let excuses hold you back. Instead of waiting for tomorrow or next year – do it now… today. If it seems like a good idea it probably is and if you have any hesitations with a decision it is probably not a good idea. Just like with a mother’s instinct everyone has a drive and a personal instinct for doing what it takes to succeed. It comes down to closing your eyes, thinking positive, and going for it.