Forbes 400 List Reflects Riches from Equities, Oil

Forbes’ list of America’s richest is out once again. This year, as most years, they’ve kept up with inflation by getting even richer:

One billion dollars is no longer enough. The price of admission to America’s most exclusive club is now $1.3 billion. The collective net worth of the nation’s mightiest plutocrats rose $290 billion to $1.54 trillion.

Wall Street led the charge, despite this summer’s market jitters. Nearly half of the 45 new members made their fortunes in hedge funds and private equity.

How could you make billions of dollars just like some of these people? Try these ideas on for size:

Oil: One Forbes 400 oilman who took his oil and gas company public this year, landing him a spot on the list.

Gambling: Two billionaires are casino and Ultimate Fighting pay-per-view moguls.

Real estate investing: A guy bought and held an oil refinery and NYC real estate through a holding company made massive returns.

Inventing Google: Be Sergey Brin. Or Bill Gates. Or Larry Ellison. You know the drill.

Investing in energy and commodities: Charles and David Koch, two brothers, made it this way, as has a former Enron trader who now runs an energy hedge fund.

Corporate raiding: Yes, that’s you, Carl Icahn.

Inheriting money: Bo-ring. But lucky.

I wonder what investments will bring in the next wave of billionaires?

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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