Forbes College Rankings: Join the Military for a Good Education


Forbes has released its college rankings list for 2009. Surprisingly enough, the usual suspects–Harvard, Yale, Princeton–don’t crown the list. Instead, the US Military Academy (West Point) was rated the best college in the nation. Forbes explains how West Point beat the Ivy Leagues in a separate article.

Here’s a taste of the top schools:

Best Colleges

1. United States Military Academy, NY
2. Princeton University, NJ
3. California Institute of Technology, CA
4. Williams College, MA
5. Harvard University, MA

See the full list here.

Best College Buys

1. Berea College, Ky.
2. New College of Florida, Fla.
3. United States Military Academy, N.Y.
4. United States Air Force Academy, Colo.
5. University of Wyoming, Wyo.

See the full list here.