Fortune on Peter Drucker

Another great Peter Drucker tribute. I love this part, which shows Drucker's dislike for "style over substance" management gurus, and highlights his wit as well.

That means he was guaranteed fun to talk to on any subject. As it happened, we had something in common, since Drucker had been a journalist as a young man in Germany. He thus had license to be scathing on the topic, as he was also when it came to management consultants who are low on substance but high on marketing pizzazz, of which there are always a few. He had a brilliant line that skewered both groups: "The reason reporters call these people gurus is that they're not sure how to spell 'charlatan.'"

And then there is this ending to the article, which is a pretty impressive complement.

I reminded the audience that on each of the two previous mornings I had introduced a Nobel Prize winner in economics. Now it was time for Drucker. Of course there isn't any Nobel Prize in management thinking and writing. But as I explained on that morning, it's problemably just as well-because if there were, it would have been won every year by the same man.