Foundation for Economic Education

Thanks to Sean Hackbarth for pointing out the existence of the Foundation For Economic Education to me. Given the current lack of economic education of most citizens, I think it is important to have organizations like this to help correct the problem. Check out their great article on nationalized health care, which makes a point that most citizens seem to miss.

Curiously, interventionists believe consumers are (a) too ignorant to identify bad doctors on a free market, but (b) capable of voting for good politicians to improve health care. As PNHP declares, "The public has an absolute right to democratically set overall health policies and priorities." (Emphasis added.) Wouldn't it be easier to pick a good doctor?

I find it funny that some people don't trust corporations because they are composed of people, and people are inherently selfish. Yet they trust government, which is composed of people, who for some reason we are supposed to believe have nothing but altruistic intentions.

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