Fox: Time Warner Must Either Agree to Rate Increases, or Pull Sports Channels


Fox wants to increase rates to Time Warner for channels including Speed Channel, FX, SportSouth, and more. Time Warner and Fox have been negotiating new retransmission fees (rates) for months, but are at an impasse. Fox will make the cable provider pull the channels in question by tonight if the companies don’t reach an agreement. The Greensboro News-Record reports:

The contract dispute between Time Warner Cable and Fox over a price hike for Fox television channels means that sports fans could stand to lose the most. It appears that a deal is unlikely. Fox officials say that if no agreement is reached by midnight tonight, Time Warner must pull the channels from its cable systems.

Both companies have said they are willing to negotiate, but neither seems willing to bend. Time Warner said that the rate increase, which would be passed along to consumers, could be substantial.

“It’s important for us, in these economic times, to control costs,” said Melissa Buscher, a spokeswoman for Time Warner. “Fox is asking for a 300 percent increase.”

Unless a deal is reached today, fans who get those channels through Time Warner Cable may soon need to be more enterprising to catch some events.

“I’d be upset,” Nabors said. “I’d be relegated to streaming games online.”

Broadcasters have been complaining for a long time that cable companies don’t pay enough to retransmit their programs, according to San Diego’s 10News.

Florida Gators fans are suing Fox and News Corp. for threatening to remove Bright House Networks before the Sugar Bowl on January 1, blocking a number of Florida fans from watching the game. “They claim Fox is using the Sugar Bowl broadcast as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Time Warner,” according to Courthouse News.

If you’re a sports fan, cross your fingers that the two companies will come to an agreement.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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