Free Business Idea: Speed Skype


Why can't speed dating, speed networking, etc. take place online using Skype or something similar? Here's how it would work. I go to a site and set up my 'meeting.' It can be for dating, networking, job interviews, or whatever. I can set a price to participate, or I can make it free. I can set the number of people that can sign up. Then, at the predetermined meeting time, the software takes control and controls the switching. At the pre-set time limit (1 min, 2 min, 5 min, etc.) the software shuts down the existing connection and matches everyone up with someone new for a new time period. Maybe it calls using Skype IDs, or maybe you have to log on to the company's website. The software controls the speed networking part of the project. Of course, the website is free for events less than 30 minutes with 10 or fewer people, and you pay for larger and more complex events. If an event organizer charges a fee, the site takes a cut when people register.

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I don't think there is anything like this out there, but it is something I would use if someone built it. Actually, I would try to build it but I've got too many other ideas on my plate right now, and the amount of caffeine I have a day is probably already in the not-healthy-in-the-long-run range.