Free Prescriptions: Another Ploy By The Evil Corporations


I wonder what the corporations-are-evil crowd will think about the news that Meijer is giving out certain prescriptions for free. No strings attached.

This no-strings-attached program means that any customer, regardless of insurance or co-pay, can take their prescription to any Meijer pharmacy and receive their designated antibiotic free of charge. There is no card required, no membership to purchase, no minimal charges, no special forms to fill out and no fees to pay.

Actually, I know how they will spin this as evil. They will pick up on this story, which is already criticizing the program.

The free antibiotics program is an obvious boon to wage earners squeezed by soaring medical costs. But it also could accelerate the spread of the drug-resistant bacteria already worrying medical authorities in metro Detroit and elsewhere.

By election 2012, politicians will be complaining about the "big corporations" that promoted the growth of superbugs. Sometimes you just can't win.