Fries, Batteries, Warranties: Enough Already!

"I'd like a cheesburger." – "How about some fries and a drink with that?"
"This CD player is nice" – "Why don't you pick up some AA batteries with it?"
"How much is that printer?" – "$99, and you can get a great extended warranty for just $29"

Enough is enough. Somewhere along the line a company realized they could sell more my mentioning a few add-ons to customers. The problem is that over time, everyone started doing it. Now I can't even buy something without being harassed to purchase a bunch of extra crap with it.

Salespeople, please stop.Yes, I realize you are taught, as I was in sales training, that you are doing the customer a favor. Yes, I realize that a handful of customers respond with "oh that needs batteries? I better get some then, thanks for mentioning it." But most of us know what we want to buy, and don't need you to treat us like idiots if we choose not to purchase an extended warranty.

Yes, if I add a soft drink to my combo I get it for only $.40 whereas normally it's $1.19 but if my demand for a soft drink is near zero, then the drink is not worth $.40 to me. Do you understand that?

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Yes, applying for your credit card will save me 10% on my purchase today, but I still don't want it. I read the sign on the register, and am perfectly capable of asking you about that if I want a new credit card. (I once spent $300 at Target, and the woman in line behind me even said I should apply for one!)

Is it just me, or are sales people these days becoming more nagging? It's getting to the point where I have to say NO multiple times. And then they get almost confrontational about it. It's not good customer service to make someone feel like an idiot because they don't buy an extended warranty. Especially when the customer is aware that the odds of redeeming it are heavily in the company's favor, and that most businesses make a killing on them.

Sales is about uncovering customer needs and selling people something to meet those needs. It is not about maximizing your commission by attempting to exploit your informational advantage. So please spare me for the next few days. I just have a little bit of Christmas shopping left, and I really wish it would be a pleasant experience.